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This text was first used as a cover letter with my CV.

I am a motivated, ambitious person, determined in achieving my goals in life, who, unfortunately, had made a few poor choices in education and work in the past. Nevertheless, those choices have shaped my creativity and formed me into an excellent communicator in multicultural environments and gave me the opportunity to learn several human languages and computer languages.

My strong points are my ability to work on own initiative as well as in a team while being adaptable to the challenge of meeting deadlines and working under pressure. I am self aware, straightforward and outgoing with honesty and respect high in my book. This self-awareness could turn into a weakness when my communication becomes very direct, but uncomplicated, which might be interpreted as confronting.

During my experience of working in another country, I have developed great communication and listening skills, which I believe are essential in any job. I had the fortunate opportunity to have access to a few training programs, from which I have had the benefit to improve not only my technical skills but also my people skills.

My technical background, and my affinity with the IT branch, helps me to interpret information with great accuracy, so the best service can be provided to customer and colleague. These and other experiences in various jobs made me a real team player with great flexibility.

I am motivated and keen to learn, so my integration into the team will be fast and efficient. In the past I have built up an extensive knowledge of applications used to process information. I see this as an excellent opportunity to grow towards a more technical position and a great challenge to use my skills and let your company tap into a source of knowledge and resourcefulness.