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Hello Grandma, Kira speaking
Cc: Maija van de Pavert
To: Grandma & Grandpa van de Pavert
Subject: telephone
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2004 11:10:14 +0300
From: Kira van de Pavert

Hello Grandma,

Ik was on the telephone with you, the other day. Daddy was calling you and he let me talk to you, too. Meanwhile he took these photos, but I did not make it easy for him by making sudden, fast moves ans by walking away from the camera.

Here is a link to my photo album:


Auwawawauwa, part 2

Update: Second tooth is also visible. When Kira was laughing when I whistled the tune of a children's song she laughed and opened her mouth so wide I could see two little white teeth piercing through the gum of her lower jaw.


Kira was somewhat cranky but it is understandable when a baby’s first tooth grows through the gums. A few weeks ago Maija and I were looking at all those colourful toothbrushes in the store for Kira, but I never thought she wouldd get her teeth so soon. My first one came when I was 8 months old and one of my brothers was 11 months old when he got his first tooth.


Kira crawling on a sheepskin rug saying äig-vrvrp.
Kira is training her voice and is learning to crawl. Besides crying when she wants attention, food or a clean nappy Amongst her vocal repertoire are the sounds "äh-äh-äh", when she wants to hold something but cannot get close enough to reach it, "äh-äh-äääh-ähää-öwää", when you take away the newspaper or remote control to rescue it from drowning in a pool of drool, and "äig-vrvrp", when she has nothing to do but to make noises of contentment while her attention is diverted from any paper or remote control by an old and unused pc keyboard or the soft hair of a sheep-skin rug.


The next generation is only half an hour old
A new life has entered this world on Saturday, 16th of August 2003 at 23:52. Foto’s and short films were made at her birth and if you would like to welcome her, feel free to do so. She belongs to a generation that is practically born with an e-mail address. On Sunday the 5th of October she got her official names: Kira Sietske Sofia. Here in Finland we will call her Kira.