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hello world

baby van de Pavert, 31 October 2006
Tuesday afternoon I decided not to go to work after school. I had been at school from 8 until 16 and I wanted to go home. When I opened the front door Maija said "It has started, I was about to call you to come home."

At 20:30 a healthy baby boy was born. Maija had gone to the hospital by taxi and I stayed at home with Kira until the babysitter arrived. I went to the hospital to greet my newborn son. Finnish tradition allows the baby to have the name a while after birth. I guess you all want to see more pictures.

rest in peace

Pierre van de Pavert, 19 February 1969 - 4 January 2005
Early this afternoon I received a disturbing phone call from my mother. My cousin Pierre van de Pavert had suddenly died. This was rather unexpected - Pierre is only three months younger than me.

I last saw him in the beginning of October when I was visiting the Netherlands. My brother got married then and Maija and I took Kira on a weeks vacation and we decided to visit family in 's Hertogenbosch. To my surprise Pierre was visiting Frank, his much older brother. Strangely Pierre and I were never close. I always felt I had more thing in common with Frank, despite the age difference.

Last time I heard Pierre was on New Year's Day when I called relatives back home. Surprisingly Pierre answered the phone when I called Frank. He sounded very much alive and his voice was full of joy. That was four days ago.

Pierre, I will always remember you. My only regret is that I never took the time to really get to know you. So long my dear cousin, rest in peace. I will miss you. I want to express my condolances to the family and I wish everyone strength in these sad times.

you're out

My suspicions were right. The album never came on-line and never will be on-line in the same form. I almost had to beg for a backup on a CD. Today I got notice and my contract ends on Friday 21 January 2005. I could see it coming for a while so it did not come as a complete surprise. The reason they gave was "termination of contract due to financial difficulties". I have always considered their financial situation a bit dubious and I doubt if this reason is a valid one.

photo album

The photo album is offline per Tuesday 26 October 2004. It is not known when (or if) it will be on-line.
At work I had the privilege to use some space on a server to show the pictures of us and especially Kira' s photos to the rest of the world. I found out today that the server has been taken offline and that backups are created. Within one or two weeks, after a complete format and re-installation, the server is supposed to be on-line.
At the moment my concern is what will happen to those pictures and how long will it take to have my photo album on-line again. I might want to consider a paid on-line photo album service, so that a free privilege like this cannot be taken away.
Now I am getting a bit anxious - my wife would say paranoid. Since I am the owner of those pictures, I think no­one has the right to delete them or sell them without my (written) consent.


I found this handy style selector in a tutorial on PHP Freaks and I decided to use it. Normal modern browsers are capable of letting the visitor choose one out of many stylesheets, if available. This site has as many as you can see in the list. There are three at the moment of writing, but more will follow. Classic is the inverted classic dark blue and yellow from the old site. Snow White is a tribute to the harsh cold Finnish winters and Neoplasticism - which not only displays primary colours, but also the secondary ones - is a tribute to Piet Mondriaan.
The first one defined is the default style. Not according to Microsoft. Their Internet Explorer takes the last defined style as default, while visitors have no option whatsoever to view the site in another style. I can hardly wait until Explorer 7 is launched. I wonder what they will screw up this time.


I am transferring as much information from the old version to this one. I want to spend more time on further development of a CMS and I can't think of any better place to test it. More so I want to get rid of all the old pages. They - especially their pictures - use too much space. In the meantime I will investigate how a blog can contribute to this website without altering the present structure too much.


As you can see, this page has been changed. News about Kira and her photos have been moved to their own pages.